Maia Earth Village is an intentional community where individuals come to consciously share in a vision of sacred simplicity and Trust.  Our international residents include teachers, healers, artists, musicians, gardeners, and leaders of global networks who embody life wisdom and skills in alignment with personal, social, and planetary transformation. The energy that thrives here awakens intuitively through connection to and resonance with the mandala-based frameworks that structure our spaces and guide our networks into systems of wholeness learning and integration.

Maia Earth Village is actively engaged in several land-based projects to support its growing community, training programs, and gatherings, including an upcoming Emergence Convergence in early 2018.  These efforts are sustained through gift culture.


Maia's name is based on the ancient name of the Philippines, Ma-I, which Chinese traders used to refer to what is now known as the Philippine archipelago.  When we reverse the letters, Ma-I, we reveal the words:

“I Am”

Maia is an emergent dream project founded on the "I Am" as a meeting point of the developmental stages between Actualization and Transcendence. As an input-oriented Earth Village, Maia hosts the collective work of many individuals bringing positive change that first stems from the self, as it learns to bring this change to others. What we may then reveal as the:  

"We Are."


Maia is not so much the geocentric project situated in the hills of central Palawan, but a journey into Whole Systems Community.  Maia is not about people as much as it is an understanding about ourselves as mirrors and manifestations of the nodal network of collective consciousness represented by the rainbow's seven dimensions - the internal blueprint that underlays the fundamental anchors upon which society is co-created. Herein, we observe reality through the seven tiers of Who We Are - Consciousness, Insight, Communion, Love, Evolution, Birthing and Sustainability.


The Mandala, which structures all of Maia's foundational frameworks, is also being integrated into various regional and global organizations within our network.  Maia directly supports trainings and retreats dedicated to the many applications of mandala learnings and the further development of Wholeness Systems.    




Integrative Medicine, Nutrition, Food Production, Waste Management


Community Processes, Rituals, Spirituality, Energy Healing



Earth Building, Water Systems, Art Therapy, Gentle Birth



Dialogic Resonance, Music and Sound Healing, Story-Sharing, Language



Sacred Economics, Social Enterprise, Alternative Energy


Alternative Learning, Whole Systems Curriculum, Permaculture, Cognitive Resonance



Whole Systems, Ecovillage Design Education, Energy School




A raw food, yoga and detox retreat center in Puerto Princesa, Palawan - home to the innerdance energy school



A self-organizing international community of facilitators spread across more than 60 countries and 6 continents



EC is a GENOA sponsored event that was birthed in Maia, May 2016



The Self-Health Empowerment Movement - a Philippine founded NGO dedicated to education in transformative medicine



The Global Ecovillage Network of Oceania and Asia - regionally redesigning what is the new ecovillage


One World Bearing Witness - a global event being held on Dec 2-3, 2017 in connection with the One World in Dialogue

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We're happy to meet new faces and welcome resonant souls into community and simplicity.  Firstly though, Maia is only open to registered guests/visitors and we do not accept unannounced visitations. We ask that everyone wanting to visit, stay, volunteer, or integrate in our community please send us an email first.  If we are able to accommodate your request, we will then ask you to fill up a Visitor Registration Form before your arrival.

Please note that we only accept requests made at least one month in advance.

IMPORTANT GENERAL NOTICE: Maia Earth Village is a spiritual community that strictly prohibits the use or possession of any drugs or illegal substances while on the land.  Any visitors found in use or possession of an illegal substance will immediately be asked to leave.


Tel: Globe - (+63) 9275477871

Smart - (+63) 9399143414 

Maranat 3, Bacungan, Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Philippines


Interested in visiting Maia Earth Village? 

Send us an email!  Make sure to tell us more about you in the "Message" section!