This project is perhaps Maia's most transformational offering to the world.  It isn't so much about Maia as a geographical location or actual place on the globe, but the unfolding of awareness, insight and learning that evolves when one enters into a process of inquiry and self-awakening through various ways of experiencing meditation, yoga, innerdance and communing with nature.


The library itself is designed using the mandala's colors to guide individuals based on their interests, essential personal inquiries, visions, and search for inner truth.  Space designs are ultimately guided by innerdance energy school (ides) - just as the space itself guides ides.  


Insights that arise through this intuitively structured flow of knowledge and information are grounded in the mandalic dimensions of sustainability, creativity, letting go, evolution, dialogue, insight harvesting, and integration.  


The actual library will house quiet reading areas usable for meditation and healing spaces that might also serve as a dormitory.  The integrative mapping process uses both the land itself through the zones and colors as well as a large collection of books, videos and articles that enhance the learning experience based on principles of cognitive development and stages of release.  For future retreats and long-stays, this library lives to serve creative potential and inner inspiration for self-guided learning, discovery, and remembrance.

For the extended ides processes that will soon be offered in Maia, lasting 21 days, 30 days, or longer, the living library acts as an on-going project that brings participants into deep states of reflection, healing, simplicity, and inquiry self-guided through one's own interests, needs, personal development and intuitive wisdom into spiritual awakening.  The 7-dimensional zones of Maia provide spaces in which to energetically and intellectually flow into resonance and integrated understanding as insights emerge through this creative process of learning and self-actualization.

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We're happy to meet new faces and welcome resonant souls into community and simplicity.  Firstly though, Maia is only open to registered guests/visitors and we do not accept unannounced visitations. We ask that everyone wanting to visit, stay, volunteer, or integrate in our community please send us an email first.  If we are able to accommodate your request, we will then ask you to fill up a Visitor Registration Form before your arrival.

Please note that we only accept requests made at least one month in advance.

IMPORTANT GENERAL NOTICE: Maia Earth Village is a spiritual community that strictly prohibits the use or possession of any drugs or illegal substances while on the land.  Any visitors found in use or possession of an illegal substance will immediately be asked to leave.


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Interested in visiting Maia Earth Village? 

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