Over the last seven years, community learnings have grown from our involvements in alternative building and the management of solid wastes - lessons that inspire contemplation and insight into the deep structure of earth wisdom and the planetary demands of "homo-industrialis".  In our community experiences in Mountain Province, Mindanao, Central Luzon, post-typhoon Haiyan in Leyte, and post earthquake Nepal, mudhouse and ecobrick methods are less about building homes merely as shelter and waste is much more than just what is thrown in bins never to see again.  


From the viewpoints of radical spiritual and ecological sustainability and change, mud and waste weave into consciousness as ecovillage meditations on the shifting conceptualizations of Home.


Maui Eguia’s Mudhouse Workshops will be focused on extending and repairing the older experimental mud structures in the spaces that provide accomodations for guests (Orange, Yellow and Green).

As our community grows, we are constantly adding new structures to our land; places to hold people, processes, gatherings, meditations and reflections, and dialogic communions.


The village cooperative is an ongoing project with the local villagers in Maranat 3.  We have been working closely with them to develop and enhance the local food production of the village including rice, beans, fruits, and ground crops.  All harvestable food is made available in a village coop shop where locals can make highly subsidized purchases.  We also envision goods production made by the local villagers and a small restaurant.


It will take another year before Maia’s gardens are able to supply all of the community’s nutrition needs.  In the mean time, we are actively practicing permaculture methods for inoculating the soil, making no-dig garden beds, planting seedlings, and zoning the land for various gardening purposes.


The Living Library project starts off with the construction of a large tower-like structure in the current Blue Zone.  It will have various levels that can act as reading and meditation spaces, a wombing simulation space, terraced gardens, and dormitory style sleeping quarters.  An actual library of books, articles, documentaries, videos, audio files and training documents will also be housed in this living mandala of self-experiential learning and creativity.


Food, lodging and other basic needs for residents who will be putting many hours daily on work for SHEM, GENOA, the Emergence Convergence, the Maia Mandala, ides, innerdance global and One World Bearing Witness.  Over the years, Pi and others have put in countless hours on websites, videos, advocacy work, community, disaster response, waste management, etc.  This service will increase, starting this August 2017, as we welcome hard working people who will be devoting their time freely in service to others.


Maia has recently just finished the construction of a water system that is able to provide rain water for most all the zones where residents live and grow. We have installed a water cistern in the Green Zone as well as a rain catchment for the Green shala.  This project was a major priority for our sustainability and capacity to receive visitors and guests for trainings, retreats, and gatherings.  We are happy to have this system in place so we can continue working on projects and programs in our eco-home.  MORE INFORMATION ABOUT THE COMPLETION OF THIS PROJECT COMING SOON!  Thank you to all who donated.

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We're happy to meet new faces and welcome resonant souls into community and simplicity.  Firstly though, Maia is only open to registered guests/visitors and we do not accept unannounced visitations. We ask that everyone wanting to visit, stay, volunteer, or integrate in our community please send us an email first.  If we are able to accommodate your request, we will then ask you to fill up a Visitor Registration Form before your arrival.

Please note that we only accept requests made at least one month in advance.

IMPORTANT GENERAL NOTICE: Maia Earth Village is a spiritual community that strictly prohibits the use or possession of any drugs or illegal substances while on the land.  Any visitors found in use or possession of an illegal substance will immediately be asked to leave.


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Maranat 3, Bacungan, Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Philippines


Interested in visiting Maia Earth Village? 

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